THG is divided into five key sections: mind, body, fuel, fitness and sex. Most articles fit neatly into one or more of these categories and provide an informal structure for the magazine, without indexing each individual topic as you might expect to find in a book.

By highlighting these topic headings, we also hope that readers will begin to think of these areas of their own lives in a positive way and seek-out opportunities to develop themselves. For example, positive change occurs when a reader thinks of a PE class as an opportunity to improve their own fitness during school-time rather than simply viewing it as a class they must attend. 



...teaches the reader how the mind works and the effect external factors can have on it, together with offering advice on common mental health issues and where to seek help. 



...inspires the reader to focus on positive body image and make good choices in respect of teenage vices such as smoking, drugs and alcohol.

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... informs the reader how to achieve a balanced diet and what they should be eating and when, together with handy substitutions and hacks to get the best out of mealtimes.


...engages the reader with articles to promote the benefits of increased levels of activity and offers solutions on how to achieve fitness aspirations. 



...focusses on ‘what’s normal’ and aims to dispel common myths amongst peers, together with informing readers about peer pressure, sexuality and matters of sexual health.